I just got a Surface Pro 3

I finally took the dive! After months of doubting, years of considering if I should go for a mac book pro like all designers/photographers, I decided to stay with the Microsoft ecosystem that I know very well. The perfect device seems to be the surface Pro 3. I am so bullish that I can categorize the Surface in the same category and league as the mac book pro? Well… yes I might very well do this. Let me explain why

Microsoft compares Surface Pro 3 with the MacBook Air in the store. Let me explain why this comparison does not make sense (or if you do it anyway, the surface outclasses the Air in every way nearly)

  • Display: The display of the Surface Pro 3 out classes the Air completely. I have been checking and waiting for Apple to release the Air with retina display capabilities but it never happened. I need a display with a very large resolution as I want to be able to run Photoshop and lightroom with descent enough room to work. Also professionally I need a large resolution. A clear Surface Pro 3 win in this category!
  • Dimensions: The device needs to be a light as possible. Last year I did a long trip to Africa for a Safari in Kenya and my photography gear consisted of 2 DSLR bodies, a few lenses, some other accessories… my camera bag weighted about 15 kg!! so adding a large or heavy laptop is just not practical anymore… more over in case of a laptop, I would have carried a tablet too and here you go even more weight. While the Air is a slick device, it’s thin, it’s light but again here the new Surface 3 Pro outshines the Air in this category too.
  • Battery… this one might still be the only category where the Air wins over the Surface… however I just got the Surface so I have not enough experience and data to tell you how well the Surface actually performs in this area. The only thing I can tell you is that I switched off the surface last night with 46% remaining. 24 hours later (after coming back from work) the battery was still at 44%. Not bad!
  • Touch and a Pen!! Yes Touch is a big deal! More and more is done with Touch and with Windows 8.1 its nice to have a device that can do both! The pen is just a perfect bonus. I’m looking forward to actually use the pen in Photoshop and Lightroom. More recently Adobe just talked in depth about the future of mobile and touch at their annual conference. Who was the vendor they used for talking about this subject? Yes Microsoft’s CEO came on stage and actually gave the whole crowd a Surface Pro 3. This only confirms neat stuff will come over the next few years only confirming my choice
  • Did I also mention the Surface can act as a tablet too? Bang! Another advantage over the Air

So here clear win for the Surface.

Now for a comparison with the MacBook Pro with Retina display…

  • Display: the MacBook Pro has a clear advantage here although it’s very minimal. The resolution is bigger but the DPI is nearly identical.
  • Dimensions: a clear win for the Surface Pro, but to be fair, the Mac is a laptop, the Surface is a hybrid. But still less weight for me to carry around!!
  • Battery: this one is tough… I will have to get back to this one later J
  • Touch and Pen: here, again surface wins clearly. No questions asked

I might get shot with the comparison and analysis but hey it’s my opinion…
My experience with the Surface Pro of course just started so I will update once I have used the device for a couple of months.