Moved to Smugmug

I finally took the decision!!!

After a few trials and not going for it and staying with Zenfolio, after having redesigned my Zenfolio site to look a bit better, I finally decided to leave Zenfolio for Smugmug. The new designs and the whole design framework you get with Smugmug is soooo much better and flexible that I’m happy I took the decision to move away from Zenfolio.

Smugmug is in no way perfect! I’ve already found a few things that are much better at Zenfolio:

  • Ability to send e-mails to your contacts… but even more importantly being able to import those contacts!!! (at Smugmug you can e-mail but there is no way to import contacts… a bit silly knowing you can sign-up with your facebook ID… how difficult would it be to get a link to your friends and e-mail addresses… or even better send it as a private message…)
  • Better text editing in text sections of your site using word like processing… at Smugmug you really need to know HTML code to format it nicely
  • Visitors are able to download a whole gallery if you let them… at Smugmug I need to generate the link, visitors can only download 1 picture at the time…


Anyways… it’s now time for me to redesign my website and my smugmug account so they look and feel aligned and to a minimum integrated!! That will take some time I guess