A Dream revived…

I was just browsing the web on a rainy Sunday when I found this site. A UK based company specialized in preparing Land Rovers for overland expeditions. Take this image for instance: a custom made 6×6 overlander how cool it that uh!?
This is something that I’ve been dreaming about for years now: An overland expedition with a few friends and 2 or 3 vehicles. Starting in Antwerp and finish in Cape Town And if that’s not enough, then the whole way back as well




Take this guy for instance, an Austrian guy who has been on the road for the last 3 years!!! He owns one of these 6×6 rovers. He now is a freelance photographer during his more than extensive journey 😀

I also found other “heroes” on these sites:

You need a car like this with as less electronic switches as possible smile (as these images proof :D)
And finally much to my surprise is that the same company offers RENTALS! So you can rent a 4×4 and starting planning your expedition wink

How cool is that!